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The electrical system of a residential, commercial, and industrial property consists of wires and circuits, which provide the steady distribution of electricity from the main electrical panel to the rest of your building. 


Our trained technicians can provide  inspections, rewiring, and diagnosis of your circuits to ensure the safe delivery of electrical currents within your building

Our team can quickly identify a problem and provide clear-cut options to fix the situation. You can always expect a thorough assessment and an upfront estimate with excellent options and pricing.


Whether you’re struggling with a tripping breaker or just need light installation services,
our residential division has the solution to your problem. Ensure the addition to your home has exactly the right outlet and switch placement. Our electricians work with you to create a
home wiring system that’s fully integrated into your home. We also provide inspection and
panel change out, design your lighting to ensure your system is as efficient as possible and provides a repair to your home after a surge or lightning strike. Leave your home’s electrical wiring safely in the hands of the best electricians at A to Z Electric

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Are you constructing a new facility and need a reliable commercial electric contractor to install
your wiring? Or do you just need a few lights replaced? No matter the job we can handle it. Our
seasoned electricians have completed wiring projects and commercial applications that exceed
the expectations our business customers


Our experienced and highly trained staff can install and maintain your electrical systems to
minimize unscheduled shut downs and equipment failure. We can design, build, repair, and
install electrical systems, take care of lighting design, installation, repair, and replacement or
fixtures, installation of exit and emergency lighting, and installation of surge suppression,
lightning, and transient protection equipment.

Tampa Bay most trusted company for your automation, electrical and security needs.
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