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Keeping up to date with the current technology on the market is not always easy. As technology gets more complex each year. Getting exactly what you want, no more, and no less, can seem impossible.


This is particularly true when dealing with sales people who are not well-versed in the industry.

Let us help with your automation, lighting and audio video needs. At A to Z Electric inc, we use only licensed and and experienced technicians and guarantee that you will be happy with the finished product and best performance possible.

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Our programmers are trained and certified from Control 4 so that the job is done right.


When we design your system, we take into accommodation what your life style is, and we build
your dream system to your needs. We strive to sell products to your need not something you will
never end up using do that your experience with us will be exceptional


A lighting system with a central controller replaces many light switches, eliminating wall clutter.
Your favorite lighting “scenes” are conveniently controlled with the touch of a button. The lighting
in your home should be flexible for the many things you do. Placement of fixtures can make a
huge difference in how a room looks. Having better control of the lighting, and the ability to dim
all the lights in your home is also a huge improvement.

Audio / Video

If you’re the type of person that likes to have multiple TV’s and different music playing in different
rooms or the type that likes to entertain and get the wow factor from everybody that comes to your
home, let us design the ultimate AV system and home theater you could ever want

Tampa Bay most trusted company for your automation, electrical and security needs.
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